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“If Emily Dickinson and Ernest Hemingway had a son together, he might have been like Michael Levin. . . .This strong collection is memorable work.”

-- Bonnie Squires

Journalist; Best Women in Pennsylvania Business 2008


“Full of wonder. . .It’s a gift to see it all so fresh."

-- Hon. Richard Danzig

Former Secretary of the Navy


“There are joys and beauties here . . . ”

-- Judith McCombs

Author: The Habit of Fire: Poems Selected & New


“it is joy that informs the book. . . .chooses life, in all its wondrous forms.”

-- Lucie Prinz

Former editor, The Atlantic


"Contains that fleeting essence of life that no other art form can capture.”

-- Cynthia Riggs



"Calm observations showing poetry makes us alive as we can be."

-- Grace Cavalieri

Best Books for May 2014

Washington Independent Review of Books


A "debut collection [rich in] . . .emotional imagery."

-- Harvard Magazine, May/June 2014


"Paints lasting images of anonymous doormen and beloved pet dogs, brothers and fathers, the living and the dead."

-- Pennsylvania Gazette, July / Aug. 2015

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