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"Like a painter’s brush, creates transparency with unexpected depth. Each time I read these poems, new paths reveal themselves."

-- Katrine Suwalski

International jazz musician, composer, band leader and music educator


"A captivating collection of dramatic slices of life. This book soothed during a time of great stress."

-- Gail Prensky

Executive Producer, Meteopa Productions; Founding Director & Executive Producer, The Jüdische Kulturbund Project


"Fresh descriptors and flowing line carry you to a moment of acknowledgement --- different in each poem but similar in their power to strike sparks."

-- James Herbert

Director, Research and Education Program, National Endowment for the Humanities (ret.)


"Circumnavigates the globe like a time-traveling Indiana Jones and sticks a shiny fork deep into earth’s volcanic heart. . . . It’s an omnibus, and Levin is the tour guide, MC, and conscience -- the compass to plot our course and bring us back alive."

-- Richard Peabody

Editor, Gargoyle Magazine


"A kaleidoscope of pop culture, high culture, and personal experience. Each poem is different, and there’s no repetition to be seen. The talent in Man Overboard is tonal, with a repudiation of ugliness in the world."

-- Grace Cavalieri

Best Books for December 2018

Washington Independent Review of Books


"What a treasure of thoughtfulness, of history, of art, of people, of relationships, of love and loss, of life itself.  Deserves a huge audience."

-- Hon. Andrew Maguire

Former Congressman (D-NJ)


"Traverses love and loss, family tensions, and international politics. Several [of these poems] have won freestanding awards or been published previously in anthologies."

-- Pennsylvania Gazette, March / April 2019

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