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"Bears witness to what is to be human.  Satisfies Frost’s notion that poetry is a way of remembering what would impoverish us to forget — a high bar, which this chapbook meets with grace and elegance."

–Roderick (Rick) Bates, Editor, Rat’s Ass Review


"Levin is not only a keen observer — of bees and campfires, sepia-tinged photographs, food-stained recipes.  He has an uncanny ability to infiltrate deep recesses of feeling. Whether he’s channeling a chorus-line dancer facing the terror of “a faithless knee” or a scientist witnessing the first atomic test, his varied voices cut to the core – and the soul."

–Karen Lyon, Former Editor, “Poetry on the Hill,” Capitol Hill Rag


"Invites us on a journey through the human condition that (to quote another of his poems) flashes “silver-coin flickers of hope.” From Shakespeare to Stalin, Greek mythology to Judaism, the poems in his fourth collection inhabit dozens of lives with keen observation and meticulous language.  The experience is vivid, immediate, and more than momentary."

–Jonathan Lewis, Editor, The Federal Poet; Author, Babel On (2017)

"Whether inhabiting the persona of a survivor of the Mt. St. Helens eruption or mourning the death of his sled dog, Levin's range of voices resonates with humility, resilience, and grace."

-- Capitol Hill Rag, October 2023

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