If Emily Dickinson and Ernest Hemingway lived at the same time in the same place and had a son together, he might have been a lot like Michael Levin. This strong collection demonstrates Levin’s ability to use words sparingly to create lasting images whose imaginative sensitivity, empathy for people he’s met, and others throughout the ages resonate through the searing or beautiful mind-pictures he paints. This is memorable work.

Bonnie Squires

Journalist, consultant, Best Women in Pennsylvania Business 2008

“Stop and look with Michael Levin. The seasons, our relationships, the colors and the water — so much full of wonder, so much that echoes with pain. Our senses are heightened and our sensibilities deepened. It’s a gift to see it all so fresh."

Richard Danzig

Former Secretary of the Navy

“Michael Levin's poems are colored by love and loss, by nature, by history and family, by the America in which he lives and the Europe of World War II. There are joys and beauties here along with loss and atrocities. Above all, the narrator seeks, as in Jewish tradition, to Choose Life!”
Judith McCombs
The Habit of Fire: Poems Selected & New

This fine collection chronicles the author's life journeys. While several poems recall losses he has experienced and celebrate lives that have ended, it is the joy he finds in his house by the sea and in his family that informs the book. In one of many moving evocations he declares his love for "my first-born's love," his future daughter-in-law on her birthday. This is a book that affirms familial affection and in the words of the prophet chooses life, in all its wondrous forms.”

Lucie Prinz
Author and former editor,
The Atlantic